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Western blot analysis of S. japonicum Cytb561.

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posted on 2013-02-20, 22:21 authored by Amber Glanfield, Donald P. McManus, Danielle J. Smyth, Erica M. Lovas, Alex Loukas, Geoffrey N. Gobert, Malcolm K. Jones

Lanes 1 to 3 were probed with, anti-SjCytb561 serum. Lane 1 probed against an adult worm ‘stripped’ extract shows no reactivity. Lane 2, probed against adult tegument extract shows a band at approximately 30 kDa. Lane 3 was probed against 5 µg of commercial KLH protein, and shows no reactivity. Lane 4 is pre-immune serum probed against adult worm tegumental extract and shows no reactivity. Lanes 5 to 7 were probed with anti-KLH antibodies. Lane 5 is against ‘stripped’ worm extract and shows a number of bands. Lane 6 shows tegument extract and no reactivity. Lane 7 contained 5 µg of KLH and shows intense reactivity against the anti-KLH sera.


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