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Weberian ossicles and surrounding structures of a specimen of group XL.

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posted on 2013-02-20, 19:23 authored by Walter Lechner, Egon Heiss, Thomas Schwaha, Martin Glösmann, Friedrich Ladich

3D-reconstruction of the cranial region of the vertebral column of an 85.5 mm SL specimen of Lophiobagrus cyclurus based on an image stack from a µCT scan. Weberian ossicles (tripus, intercalarium, scaphium and claustrum) and parts of the skull and vertebral column are shown. (A) lateral view, (B) ventral view. Light regions indicate areas where bony parts (shields formed by transverse processes of the vertebrae and processes of skull bones) are left away to provide a better view of the ossicles. Cl – Claustrum, Ic – Intercalarium, Sc – Scaphium, Sk – Skull, Tr – Tripus, V – Vertebral column; scale bar = 3 mm; anterior is to the left, posterior to the right, (A): dorsal above, ventral below.