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Wavelet analyses of dengue time series with monthly data from 1994 to 2009 in 9 districts of Binh Thuan province.

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posted on 13.07.2010, 00:23 by Khoa T. D. Thai, Bernard Cazelles, Nam Van Nguyen, Long Thi Vo, Maciej F. Boni, Jeremy Farrar, Cameron P. Simmons, H. Rogier van Doorn, Peter J. de Vries

(A) Duc Linh, (B) Tanh Linh, (C) Ham Tan, (D) Ham Thuan Nam, (E) Ham Thuan Bac, (F) Phan Thiet, (G) Bac Binh, (H) Tuy Phong, (I) Phu Quy, (J) Binh Thuan province. For each district (i) left panel: the time series of cases in the district (ii) middle panel: the wavelet power spectrum of dengue cases (square rooted and normalized and trend suppressed); colors code for increasing spectrum intensity, from blue to red; dotted lines show statistically significant area (threshold of 5% confidence interval); the black curve delimits the cone of influence (region not influenced by edge effects (iii) right panel: to the mean spectrum (solid line) with its threshold value of 5% (dotted line).