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WT and TLR4−/− mice treated with streptozotocin display a similar profile of hyperglycemia (A) and changes in body weight (B) over a 24 week period including week 6 (WT n = 12; TLR4−/− n = 9), week 12 (WT n = 10; TLR4−/− n = 13), week 24 (WT n = 12; TLR4−/− n = 12) for diabetes groups and non-diabetes controls were 5 mice per group.

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posted on 19.05.2014, 03:23 authored by Jin Ma, Steven J. Chadban, Cathy Y. Zhao, Xiaochen Chen, Tony Kwan, Usha Panchapakesan, Carol A. Pollock, Huiling Wu

The data are present as the means ± SD.