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Vps74p is localized to the Golgi apparatus.

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posted on 03.09.2013, 02:13 authored by Jia-Wei Hsu, Lin-Chun Chang, Li-Ting Jang, Chun-Fang Huang, Fang-Jen S. Lee

N-terminal GFP-fused-Vps74p, -Vps74p-dN66, -Vps74p-dN90, -Vps74p-dN122, -Vps74p-dC83, and -Vps74p-3pm from a 2μ vector (pVT101U) under an ADH promoter were transformed into vps74-deleted yeast cells containing Arf1p-mRFP. Mid-log phase cells were imaged live via microscopy. (B) The quantitative measurements of the Golgi co-localization are presented.