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Volcano plot for the interaction contrast.

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posted on 2014-12-02, 03:27 authored by Evelyn Zacharewicz, Paul Della Gatta, John Reynolds, Andrew Garnham, Tamsyn Crowley, Aaron P. Russell, Séverine Lamon

This volcano plot depicts the interaction contrast and serves as a representative plot for the 7 contrasts estimated in the statistical analysis. The red points correspond to miRNAs with a Ct<32. The black points represent miRNAs with a Ct≥32. Statistical significance was set at p<0.05 corresponding to –log10(p value) = 1.3 on the y-axis and is represented by the dashed line plotted perpendicular to the y-axis. The dashed lines perpendicular to the x-axis represent a fold-change of 2 corresponding to log2(fold-change) = 1 on the x-axis.