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Vitronectin binds inside damaged cells.

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posted on 2011-05-04, 02:14 authored by Ondrej Stepanek, Tomas Brdicka, Pavla Angelisova, Ondrej Horvath, Jiri Spicka, Petr Stockbauer, Petr Man, Vaclav Horejsi

(A) Viable and heat-induced necrotic cells were incubated in the presence (black line) or absence (grey filled histogram) of human serum for 1 hour and stained with anti-vitronectin and GAM-Alexa Fluor 488 antibodies for flow cytometry analysis. One representative experiment of 3 is shown. (B) Apoptosis was induced in Jurkat cells by TRAIL in serum-free medium. After 72 hours, cells were incubated in 50% human serum for 1 hour. The cells were stained with anti-vitronectin and GAM-Alexa Fluor 647 antibodies followed by Annexin-V-FITC and Hoechst 34580. The cells were analyzed by confocal microscopy. Two representative cells (including a DNA-free apoptotic body) are shown. AF647, Alexa Fluor 647.


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