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Visualisation of genetic differentiation between H. contortus parental and backcross strains.

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posted on 2012-02-16, 00:55 authored by Elizabeth Redman, Neil Sargison, Fiona Whitelaw, Frank Jackson, Alison Morrison, David Jon Bartley, John Stuart Gilleard

Pairwise FST estimates and principal component analysis of parental and 4th generation backcross isolates pre and post ivermectin treatment (0.1 mg/kg ivermectin) using multi-locus genotype data. Figure 3A, B and C shows the data for the MHco3/4 cross and Figure 3D, E and F for the MHco3/10 cross. Both FST and PCA analysis was performed with 9 loci and also with 8 loci (when Hcms8a20 was excluded from this latter analysis, since it shows evidence of genetic linkage to the ivermectin resistance phenotype). Figure A and D show pairwise FST estimates: values in the tables below the diagonal are for analysis of all 9 loci and above the diagonal for the 8 loci (excluding Hcms8a20). Genetic differentiation between isolates at significance level, p<0.01 (highlighted in bold and italics). Asterisk indicates level of genetic differentiation is marginal (significance at p<0.05). PCA analysis for all 8 loci are shown in panels B and E and for the 9 loci (including 8a20) in panels C and F. Each data point represents a single worm based on a multi-locus genotype of 9 or 8 markers.


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