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Virus particles pseudotyped with Env Glycoproteins derived from diverse HIV-1 isolates are responsive to the Nef effect on the susceptibility to 2F5 and 4E10.

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posted on 15.12.2011, 00:55 by Rachel P.J. Lai, Jin Yan, Jonathan Heeney, Myra O. McClure, Heinrich Göttlinger, Jeremy Luban, Massimo Pizzato

Neutralization of Nef-positive and Nef-defective HIV-1NL4-3 virus particles pseudotyped with Env glycoproteins derived from HIV-1JRFL (A), from HIV-1SF162 (B) and from two HIV-1 subgroup C isolates (C). Neutralization was performed three times independently. Shown are the mean values and SD.