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Viral infection status of CSFV in PK15 cell line harboring replicating CSFV.

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posted on 02.10.2015, 03:06 by Niu Zhou, Gang Xing, Jianwei Zhou, Yulan Jin, Cuiqin Liang, Jinyan Gu, Boli Hu, Min Liao, Qin Wang, Jiyong Zhou

PK15 cells were infected with CSFV and then serially subcultured. Different passages of PK15-CSFV harboring replicating CSFV were collected to detect the viral infection status. (A) Histogram and proportion of CSFV-positive cells by flow cytometry. The red line indicates the positive gate for the cell population. (B) Three indexes of viral infection of PK15-CSFV cells: proportion of CSFV-positive cells using flow cytometry, viral genomic copies in virus stocks by absolute quantitative real-time PCR and infectivity of virus stocks by measurement of TCID50. Data are represented as means ± SD (n = 3).