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Venn diagrams of the (a) differentially expressed genes, (b) differentially expressed splicing factors, (c) alternatively spliced genes and (d) alternative splicing events in dendritic cells, according to exon array analysis, following E.coli challenge in the evaluated timepoints: T1 (4 h), T2 (8 h), T3 (18 h).

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posted on 17.04.2013, 01:18 by Raquel Rodrigues, Ana Rita Grosso, Luís Moita

Venn diagrams of differentially expressed genes and alternative splicing events after (e) 4 h, (f) 8 h and (g) 18 h of stimulus. (in blue: percentage of the differentially expressed genes that are also alternatively spliced; in pink: percentage of the alternatively spliced genes that are also differentially expressed).