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Variation of firing with input.

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posted on 06.10.2011, 02:03 by Robert B. Levy, Alex D. Reyes

Rate models were used to calculate the firing in the σ σ – Nmax space (see Methods). The network had a single spatial dimension with connection profiles derived from in vitro data. A, B, spatiotemporal pattern of excitatory cell firing rates for narrow input (σ = 40 µm, A and broad input (σ = 120 µm, B). Nmax = 20 for both panels. C, left, ratio of widths of inhibitory to excitatory current input to excitatory cells vs. Nmax and σ. Purple line denotes co-tuning. Blue and yellow circles correspond to values of Nmax and σ used in A and B, respectively. Right, peak excitatory (gray) and inhibitory (red) current (c.f. Fig. 5D). Purple line denotes perfect co-tuning. D, mean firing rate (calculated over the first 50 ms) for the center excitatory cell vs. Nmax and σ.


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