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Variance-Dependent Gain Modulation of One-Dimensional Models.

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posted on 18.07.2008, 01:38 by Sungho Hong, Brian Nils Lundstrom, Adrienne L. Fairhall

(A) Variance-dependent f-I curves of a one-dimensional model from the solution of Equation 3 with the boundary condition, f = (I+0.1)1/2 for I>0 and f = 0 for I≤0 at zero noise. (B) The firing rates of A in the (mean, variance) plane. (C) f-I curves of an LIF model. (D) f-I curves of a QIF model. The model parameters for the LIF and QIF are in the Materials and Methods section. We used 50 mean (I0) values from 0 to 4 (LIF) and from −2 to 2 (QIF), and 8 variances (σ2) from 0 to 8 for both models.


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