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Validation of microarray data by qRT PCR analysis.

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posted on 2014-10-03, 02:46 authored by Raffaela Barbano, Orazio Palumbo, Barbara Pasculli, Marco Galasso, Stefano Volinia, Vincenzo D'Angelo, Nadia Icolaro, Michelina Coco, Lucia Dimitri, Paolo Graziano, Massimiliano Copetti, Vanna Maria Valori, Evaristo Maiello, Massimo Carella, Vito Michele Fazio, Paola Parrella

The 32 glioma samples and 4 NBT were analyzed by RT-qPCR for the expression of the 22 miRNAs identified by microarray profiling. Boxplots of miRNAs expression in normal brain tissues (NBT), WHO grade II gliomas (II) and WHO grade III and IV gliomas (III+IV). Expression levels are expressed as: target miRNA/RNU48 multiplied by 1000. The boxes mark the interquartile range, (interval between the 25th and 75th percentile). The lines inside the boxes denote median values, the symbol * denote the outliers. #NBT vs II vs III+IV comparison by Kruskall Wallis Test; §II vs III+IV comparison by Mann Whitney test.