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VEGF knockdown mouse model.

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posted on 2012-07-13, 00:07 authored by Delma Veron, Guillermo Villegas, Pardeep Kumar Aggarwal, Claudia Bertuccio, Juan Jimenez, Heino Velazquez, Kimberly Reidy, Dale R. Abrahamson, Gilbert Moeckel, Michael Kashgarian, Alda Tufro

(A) One week after doxycycline-induction, podocin-rtTA:tet-O-siVEGF adult mice decrease VEGF-A mRNA and VEGF-A protein levels to ∼20% of controls in isolated glomeruli. (B) Urine VEGF-A decreases in VEGF knockdown mice to ∼30% of control values. (C) Plasma VEGF-A is similar in VEGF knockdown and control mice. (D) VEGF immunohistochemistry shows normal expression in control (left), and decreased glomerular VEGF-A expression in VEGF knockdown mice (right), scale bar = 30 µm. (E) Low magnification VEGF immunohistochemistry shows absence of VEGF in some glomeruli in VEGF knockdown mice (right), (scale bar = 40 µm). (F) Glomerular VEGF-A (VEGF+ area/glomerular area x100) in VEGF knockdown mice (n = 135) decreases to ∼30% of controls (n = 118). In all bar graphs * indicates P<0.05 compared to control.