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VEGF knockdown mouse model.

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posted on 13.07.2012, 00:07 by Delma Veron, Guillermo Villegas, Pardeep Kumar Aggarwal, Claudia Bertuccio, Juan Jimenez, Heino Velazquez, Kimberly Reidy, Dale R. Abrahamson, Gilbert Moeckel, Michael Kashgarian, Alda Tufro

(A) One week after doxycycline-induction, podocin-rtTA:tet-O-siVEGF adult mice decrease VEGF-A mRNA and VEGF-A protein levels to ∼20% of controls in isolated glomeruli. (B) Urine VEGF-A decreases in VEGF knockdown mice to ∼30% of control values. (C) Plasma VEGF-A is similar in VEGF knockdown and control mice. (D) VEGF immunohistochemistry shows normal expression in control (left), and decreased glomerular VEGF-A expression in VEGF knockdown mice (right), scale bar = 30 µm. (E) Low magnification VEGF immunohistochemistry shows absence of VEGF in some glomeruli in VEGF knockdown mice (right), (scale bar = 40 µm). (F) Glomerular VEGF-A (VEGF+ area/glomerular area x100) in VEGF knockdown mice (n = 135) decreases to ∼30% of controls (n = 118). In all bar graphs * indicates P<0.05 compared to control.