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VCAM-1 expression in the spleens of naive C57BL/6 mice.

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posted on 21.02.2013, 09:29 authored by Amanda C. Stanley, Jane E. Dalton, Susanna H. Rossotti, Kelli P. MacDonald, Yonghong Zhou, Fabian Rivera, Wayne A. Schroder, Asher Maroof, Geoff R. Hill, Paul M. Kaye, Christian R. Engwerda

(A) VCAM-1 localisation (green) in a tissue section from a naïve mouse. Marginal metallophilic macrophages were stained with MOMA-1 mAb (red) allowing visualisation of red pulp (RP), white pulp (WP) and marginal zone (MZ) regions of the spleen, as indicated (×100) The tissue section was mounted in media containing DAPI to stain cell nuclei (blue). (B-D) Staining for VCAM-1 expression, red pulp macrophages (F4/80+), MM macrophages (MOMA-1+), MZ macrophages (ERTR9/SIGNR1+), MZ sinus-lining endothelial cells (Meca-32+) and DC (CD11c+) (×630) is shown in colours indicated above panels. White arrows in (C) and (D) indicate areas where VCAM-1+ cells (yellow) are in close proximity to DC (blue).


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