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VAMP721- and VAMP722-labeled organelles are rapidly labeled by internalized FM4-64 and overlap the VHA-a1 TGN.

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posted on 11.10.2011, 02:03 by Liang Zhang, Haiyan Zhang, Peng Liu, Huaiqing Hao, Jing Bo Jin, Jinxing Lin

(A–E) Root tip cells expressing VHA-a1-GFP (A), GFP-RabF2b (B) and (C), GFP-VAMP721 (D), or GFP-VAMP722 (E) (each green) incubated with FM4-64 (red) for the times indicated. Pink arrows indicate GFP-labeled regions without detectable FM4-64 labeling; yellow arrows indicate FM4-64–labeled regions without detectable GFP signal; white arrows indicate regions with extensive colocalization between GFP and FM4-64 signals. Bars  =  5 µm. (F) and (G) Confocal laser scanning microscopy analysis of root epidermal cells coexpressing VHA-a1-GFP (green) and (F) mCherry-VAMP721 (red) or (G) mCherry-VAMP722 (red). Bars  =  5 µm.