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Using TALENs to target the seeds of human miR-146a and miR-125b1.

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posted on 07.05.2013, 02:31 by Ruozhen Hu, Jared Wallace, Timothy J. Dahlem, David Jonah Grunwald, Ryan M. O'Connell

TALEN pairs targeting the indicated miRNAs were designed and constructed. After the TALEN pairs were transfected into 293T cells, methods were performed (as described in Figure 2) to detect mutations in the targeted regions. (A, B) The upper panel shows the schematics of the TALEN pair binding sites adjacent to (A) miR-146a and (B) miR-125b1. The lower panel shows the sequence alignments between the Wt and mutated miRNA genes. The left and right TALEN binding sites are highlighted in yellow and the miRNA seed regions are boxed in red.