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Upregulation of astrocyte marker GFAP in the thalamus and cerebral cortex of Cln6nclf mice.

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posted on 01.11.2013, 03:14 by Jeremy P. Morgan, Helen Magee, Andrew Wong, Tarah Nelson, Bettina Koch, Jonathan D. Cooper, Jill M. Weimer

(A) Quantitative thresholding analysis revealed a significant increase in the expression of astrocytic markers in the Cln6nclf mouse at 4 months in the thalamus. (B–C) Elevations in astrocytic activation, marked by GFAP labeling, became apparent in the S1BF region at 4 months and in the V1 region of the cerebral cortex at 6 months in the Cln6nclf mouse. [Mean% immunoreactivity +/− SEM, n = 3 (*p≤0.05, **p≤0.01, ***p≤0.0001)].