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Upregulation and alternative splicing of GABT4 in human SCA8 brain.

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posted on 2009-08-14, 02:14 authored by Randy S. Daughters, Daniel L. Tuttle, Wangcai Gao, Yoshio Ikeda, Melinda L. Moseley, Timothy J. Ebner, Maurice S. Swanson, Laura P. W. Ranum

(A) qRT-PCR shows increased GABT4 RNA in frontal lobe autopsy tissue from adult SCA8 (n = 3) and control fetal (n = 1) tissue. * = significant difference (p<0.01). (B) Protein blot showing up-regulation of GABT4 in SCA8 and fetal frontal lobe vs. DM1 and Control with GAPDH as loading control. (C) RT-PCR of GABT4 shows a shift favoring exon 7 inclusion transcripts in SCA8 and control fetal frontal lobe tissue vs. adult control and DM1.


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