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UPGMA dendrogram based on the PFGE patterns of E. faecalis isolates from clinical samples (blood, pleural fluid, urine, wounds, and other respiratory sites) and water samples (wells, wetland and water treatment plant).

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posted on 2013-04-02, 12:27 authored by Gonzalo Castillo-Rojas, Marisa Mazari-Hiríart, Sergio Ponce de León, Rosa I. Amieva-Fernández, Raúl A. Agis-Juárez, Johannes Huebner, Yolanda López-Vidal

The UPGMA dendrogram was constructed with the PFGE patterns of 21 strains using the NTSYS-pc program and Jacquard’s coefficient. Mantel test r = 0.75389, p = 1.0.