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Type teeth, OM GL 421, Otekaikea marplesi.

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posted on 24.09.2014, 02:54 by Yoshihiro Tanaka, R. Ewan Fordyce

Scales vary as indicated, depending on the tooth. A–C, incisor. A, presumed lateral view. B, worn surface view (dorsal or ventral). C, line art of the worn end. D–F, single rooted tooth. D, occlusal view. E, posterior view. F, presumed lateral view. G and H, single rooted tooth. G, presumed dorsal or ventral view. H, presumed lateral view. I–M, double rooted tooth. I occlusal view. J, buccal view. K, lingual view. L, anterior view. M, posterior view. The large tusk (A–C) has an exposed pulp cavity.