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Two long-acting drugs, TMC278-LA (160 mg/kg) and TMC181-LA (400 mg/kg), are highly effective as maintenance therapy.

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posted on 13.06.2012, 01:33 by Marc Nischang, Roger Sutmuller, Gustavo Gers-Huber, Annette Audigé, Duo Li, Mary-Aude Rochat, Stefan Baenziger, Ursula Hofer, Erika Schlaepfer, Stephan Regenass, Katie Amssoms, Bart Stoops, Anja Van Cauwenberge, Daniel Boden, Guenter Kraus, Roberto F. Speck

(A) Response to a quadruple ART consisting of 3TC, TDF, TMC278-LA and TMC181-LA over a treatment period of 150 days (the black circles identifies the mice which remained over the entire time on ART (n = 7), the white circles identify the mice which were subsequently switched to a treatment with double long-acting drugs (see (B)). (B) Sustained successful suppression of HIV RNA after switching mice with suppressed HIV RNA under quadruple ART to a treatment with double long-acting drugs (n = 8). (C) Mock-treated HIV infected mice (n = 5). (D) CD4+ T-cells as determined by the CD4/CD8 cell ratio in all treated mice (ART and double long-acting drugs) and mock-treated mice at the end of the experiment.