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Two examples of spatial variation in signal intensities from publicly available microarray images.

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posted on 2013-02-20, 15:43 authored by Doris Steger, David Berry, Susanne Haider, Matthias Horn, Michael Wagner, Roman Stocker, Alexander Loy

Signal intensities are shown as height as well as color heatmap on a three dimensional surface plot. (A) Channel 2 image from a Vibrio cholerae comparative genome hybridization experiment (genomic DNA targets) on a microarray consisting of 16 (4×4) blocks and 272 (17×16) spots per block (ExpID 68809) (B) Channel 1 image from a comparative gene expression hybridization experiment (cDNA targets) on a Mycobacterium tuberculosis microarray that consists of 16 (4×4) blocks and 289 (17×17) spots per block (ExpID 75165). Both arrays were hybridized overnight without agitation. Complete experimental details are available at the Stanford Microarray database under the associated experiment ID.