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Trees resulting from inclusion of Vectidraco in both pelvis-only analysis and total-evidence analyses of Pterosauria.

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posted on 2013-03-19, 07:39 authored by Darren Naish, Martin Simpson, Gareth Dyke

A, strict consensus of 3 MPTs (each 63 steps in length) resulting from analysis of the pelvis-only data set (with default outgroup); while little resolution is evident, Vectidraco groups with the azhdarchoids Tapejara and the Crato Formation neoazhdarchian MN 6588-V; B, Strict consensus tree of 12 MPTs resulting from analysis of the recoded Wang et al. [68] data set. The tree is illustrated here with a single outgroup, but Ornithosuchus, Herrerasaurus and Scleromochlus were all variously employed to root the analysis (following Wang et al. [68]): this did not result in any changes to resultant tree topologies. Vectidraco is recovered as part of a mostly unresolved clade containing azhdarchoids and dsungaripterids.