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Transport of bile acids in everted gut sacs.

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posted on 10.12.2012 by Dana Praslickova, Enrique C. Torchia, Michael G. Sugiyama, Elijah J. Magrane, Brittnee L. Zwicker, Lev Kolodzieyski, Luis B. Agellon

(A) Amount of TCA accumulated in the serosal fluid after a 30 min incubation of gut sacs from the proximal one-third and distal one-third portions of the small intestine of male Fabp6+/+ (n = 4), female Fabp6+/+ (n = 3–4) mice (black bars), male Fabp6−/− (n = 4) and female Fabp6−/− (n = 5) mice (white bars). (B) Amount of TCA accumulated in the gut sac tissue at the end of the assay incubation period. *P<0.025, **P<0.01, vs. wild-type of the same sex.