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Transmission electron microscopy of HvAV-3h.

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posted on 05.07.2012, 01:14 by Guo-Hua Huang, Tyler A. Garretson, Xin-Hua Cheng, Maria S. Holztrager, Shun-Ji Li, Xing Wang, Xiao-Wen Cheng

Hemolymph of S. exigua larvae infected with HvAV-3h was harvested and processed for TEM. A, a virion containing vesicle showing ovoidal (arrow) or bacilliform (arrow head) shape of HvAV-3h virions. B, a vesicle that contains virion containing vacuoles (arrow). C, a vesicle that contains a occlusion body (arrow). Scale bar, 500 nm.