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Transmission electron micrographs of pre-akinetes following desiccation for 2.5 hours at 86% rh.

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posted on 14.11.2014, 02:52 by Martina Pichrtová, Jana Kulichová, Andreas Holzinger

A–C:Zygnema sp. B; D:Zygnema sp. C; EF:Zygnema sp. E; and G:Zygnemopsis sp. L. Note the following features: A: dense structure of the chloroplast and fusions of lipid bodies; B: dense structure of Golgi body and chloroplast; C: nucleus with less electron-dense areas of heterochromatin (arrow); D: accumulation of lipid bodies in the cell periphery; E: starch grains, lipid bodies in the cell periphery and the cell wall covered by a fibrillose mucilage layer; F: accumulations of ribosomes (arrows) next to the nucleus; and G: accumulation of vesicles and small electron translucent compartments next to the lipid bodies. Abbreviations: Chl: chloroplast; G: Golgi body; L: lipid body; M: mitochondrion; ML: mucilage layer; N: nucleus; S: starch. Scale bars: A–D and G: 1 µm; E: 2 µm; F: 0.5 µm.