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Transient cell fate inheritance in TRAIL-induced apoptosis.

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posted on 23.10.2014, 16:16 authored by François Bertaux, Szymon Stoma, Dirk Drasdo, Gregory Batt

(A–B) Experiments measuring correlation of MOMP times between sister cells performed in [13]. (A) HeLa cells were recorded from 20 hours before treatment as in Fig. 3A. Sister cells were identified to permit comparison of their fate. (B) Quantification of cell fate inheritance was realized by computing the correlation between sister cells MOMP time as a function of the duration between division and MOMP (averaged between sisters). (C–D) In-silico reproduction of those experiments with the model of Fig. 3. (C) Description. (D) Quantification of cell fate inheritance was applied to simulation results as in (B). See Supplementary Methods in Text S1 for details.