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Transfection and silencing of TLR2 expression after siRNAs in BEL-7402.

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posted on 16.07.2012, 02:33 by Yuzheng Huang, Bing Cai, Ming Xu, Zhiqin Qiu, Yonghui Tao, Ying Zhang, Jie Wang, Yongliang Xu, Yonghua Zhou, Jing Yang, Xiaofeng Han, Qi Gao

I, RT-PCR of TLR2 from pGenesil-1 vector, ScrambledsiRNA, sh-TLR2 RNAi(A, B, C) transfected BEL-7402. II, expression of TLR2 at mRNA level in pGenesil-1 vector, ScrambledsiRNA, and sh-TLR2 RNAi(A, B, C) transfected BEL-7402 with real-time PCR. III, flow cytometry analysis of TLR2 expression, student’s t-test and ANOVA were used to determine significance.