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Transcriptional response of components of the Cu efflux network and phenotypic consequences of their deletion.

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posted on 17.01.2013, 01:24 by W. Lee Pang, Amardeep Kaur, Alexander V. Ratushny, Aleksandar Cvetkovic, Sunil Kumar, Min Pan, Adam P. Arkin, John D. Aitchison, Michael W. W. Adams, Nitin S. Baliga

Temporal changes in mRNA levels in response to a step increase in Cu to growth sub-inhibitory level (0.85 mM) reveals pulsed responses in transcript expression of the efflux pump yvgX and the two metallochaperones VNG0702H and VNG2581H. Expression of the metalloregulator VNG1179C does not change, suggesting that it is post-transcriptionally activated. Error bars are s.e.m for n = 5. Points (X) within each expression profile were normalized to the expression value at t = 0 (X0). This ratio is plotted using a Log10 transformation to accommodate large differences in dynamic range. Negative values indicate decreases in expression relative to expression at t = 0.


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