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Transcriptional profile of gene clusters in response to antibiotics.

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posted on 2013-07-31, 02:40 authored by Paul Murima, Paola Florez de Sessions, Vivian Lim, Ahmad Nazri Mohamed Naim, Pablo Bifani, Helena I. M. Boshoff, Vasan K. Sambandamurthy, Thomas Dick, Martin L. Hibberd, Mark Schreiber, Srinivasa P. S. Rao

X-axis denotes different drugs, and the y-axis denotes relative expression of the gene in response to the particular drug on the x-axis. Whole genome microarray data were used for this analysis. (A) A cluster replete with genes in respiratory metabolic pathway as well as subunits of the secretion system. The ESX section associated protein EspC was selected as the gene best representing the cluster transcription profile. (B) Genes of a related metabolic pathway cluster together in response to antibiotics. All three genes are from one metabolic pathway. NadB involved in quinolone biosynthesis served as the representative of the cluster.