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Transcription profile of C. albicans and S. cerevisiae in xylose

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posted on 13.11.2013, 02:55 by Doreen Harcus, Daniel Dignard, Guylaine Lépine, Chris Askew, Martine Raymond, Malcolm Whiteway, Cunle Wu

A) From microarray experiments with C. albicans grown in xylose, 175 genes have at least a 2-fold transcription increase in xylose when compared to cells in dextrose. The 44 genes with more than a 5-fold induction in xylose (SX) are shown with their corresponding value. Data for S. cerevisiae is shown for comparison, and in gray-shade if no reciprocal best-hit ortholog is found. B) Transcription modulation of the S. cerevisiae sugar transporters in xylose. The data from the microarray experiments in xylose (SX) and in no-sugar condition (S) is shown for 18 members of the sugar transporter family, relative to cells in dextrose. HXT5 and HXT2 are likely induced due to the absence of dextrose (glucose). HXT6, HXT7 and HXT4 are induced specifically by the presence of xylose. HXT4, HXT1 and HXT3 show a transcriptional reduction only for the no-sugar condition (S), likely due to the absence of sugar. A summary for the transporters description from SGD is reported in the ‘SGD description’ column.


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