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Transcript mapping to the mitochondrial genome.

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posted on 02.02.2011, 00:15 by Venu M. Margam, Brad S. Coates, Richard L. Hellmich, Tolulope Agunbiade, Manfredo J. Seufferheld, Weilin Sun, Malick N. Ba, Antoine Sanon, Clementine L. Binso-Dabire, Ibrahim Baoua, Mohammad F. Ishiyaku, Fernando G. Covas, Ramasamy Srinivasan, Joel Armstrong, Larry L. Murdock, Barry R. Pittendrigh

Transcript mapping of raw EST read data to respective positions on the M. vitrata mitochondrial genome (GenBank accession HZ751150), and assembled contigs representing polycistronic transcripts. The gene annotation and expression profile data for each of the contigs are presented in Table 4. Light strand encoded genes are indicated by asterisks (*), and arrows indicate the direction of transcription for polycistronic RNAs from the M. vitrata mitochondrial genome.