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Total number of E. histolytica, human and other proteins detected in 5 cyst samples.

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posted on 08.05.2012, 00:32 authored by Ibne Karim M. Ali, Rashidul Haque, Abdullah Siddique, Mamun Kabir, Nicholas E. Sherman, Sean A. Gray, Gerard A. Cangelosi, William A. Petri Jr.

In 5 cyst samples, the total number of proteins detected by MS/MS analysis ranged from 982 (in sample 4268) to 1725 (in sample AM951). The maximum number of E. histolytica proteins detected in a sample was 167 (sample AM797), while the least number of E. histolytica protein was 75 (sample 4268). The percentages of total proteins belong to E. histolytica are shown inside the bar graphs for each sample, which ranged from 6.9% (for sample CMS33-7133 to 10.2% (for sample AM797).


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