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Total daily activity and nocturnal activity in intact and DMH lesion rats.

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posted on 2013-02-20, 15:08 authored by Glenn J. Landry, Brianne A. Kent, Danica F. Patton, Mark Jaholkowski, Elliott G. Marchant, Ralph E. Mistlberger

A. Group mean daily activity counts in intact rats (solid black bars), low-dose ibotenic acid lesion rats (stripped bars) and high-dose lesion rats (white bars), during adlib food access in LD and constant dark (DD), during 2 days of total food deprivation (FD) prior to daytime restricted feeding, during the last 5-day block of the 20-day daytime restricted feeding (RFL-B4), during total food deprivation after daytime restricted feeding (RFL-FD), during the last 5-day block of nightime restricted feeding (RFD-B4) and during the food deprivation that immediately following nighttime restricted feeding (RFD-FD). B. Nocturnality ratios of activity data from each group under the same 7 food access conditions as in Panel A. Significant differences (p<.05) relative to the intact group within each condition are denoted by a star.


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