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Tonsillar Nrp1+ CD4+ T cells have a Tfh phenotype invivo.

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posted on 2013-12-30, 02:55 authored by Amédée Renand, Pierre Milpied, Julien Rossignol, Julie Bruneau, François Lemonnier, Michael Dussiot, Séverine Coulon, Olivier Hermine

(A) Representative flow cytometry analysis of Nrp1 and CD25, Foxp3, CD69, CCR7 and CD45RA co-expression on tonsillar CD3+ CD4+ T cells population. (B) CD25 and Foxp3 co-expression on tonsillar CD3+ CD4+ Nrp1+ and Nrp1- T cell populations. (C-F) Nrp1 expression on tonsillar Tfh cells and non-Tfh cells, defined as CD3+ CD4+ CXCR5+ PD-1+ and CD3+ CD4+ CXCR5- PD-1- respectively (C-D), or CD3+ CD4+ CXCR5+ ICOShi and CD3+ CD4+ CXCR5- ICOSlo respectively (E-F). Numbers in flow cytometry plots indicate the mean percentage ± SD of Tfh cells in CD4+ T cells (left) and of Nrp1+ cells in Tfh cells (middle) and non-Tfh cells (right) (n=10 tonsils). (G-H) Nrp1 expression on tonsillar CD3+ CD4+ CXCR5+ CD57+ and CD3+ CD4+ CXCR5- CD57- Tfh cells. Data were compared using Student’s impaired t-test (**: p≤0.01, ***: p≤0.001).