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Tissue specific emission rates of BVOC from poplar plants.

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posted on 2013-02-20, 20:22 authored by Andrea Ghirardo, Jessica Gutknecht, Ina Zimmer, Nicolas Brüggemann, Jörg-Peter Schnitzler

Summary of (A) methanol, (B) ethanol, (C) LOX products, (D) acetaldehyde, (E) isoprene, (F) monoterpene, (G) total quantity of C loss as BVOC, average emissions during night (dark grey bars) and light (light grey bars) from (A) apex, (M) mature leaves younger than (L) labeled leaves, (R) root system in intact plants. The daily percentage of C loss (H) as BVOC related to daily net assimilation was calculated during day 2 (excluded for R). Data represent the mean of 3 experiments ± s.e. (n.d.  =  not detectable). Statistical significant differences (t-test with p<0.05) of emissions between A, M, L and R are given with different minuscule or capital letters for dark or light emissions, respectively.