Tissue-dependent alternative splicing of the highly conserved DV23 exon of nesprin-1 and nesprin-2 and the KASH domain of nesprin-2.

Products of conventional PCR were separated on agarose gels. The 27 human cDNA samples, as shown in Table 1, were used in A and B. For DV23, the upper band contained the DV23 region and the lower band lacked the DV23 region. Specific primer pairs spanned: (A) The nesprin-1 DV23 region of nesprin-1-giant and other nesprin-1 isoforms, (B) the nesprin-2 DV23 region of nesprin-2-giant (which included other nesprin-2 isoforms except nesprin-2-alpha-1) and (C) the nesprin-2 DV23 region of only the nesprin-2-alpha-1 isoform. Vertical black lines indicate images from different gels that have been compiled. (D) PCR was used to detect the presence of nesprin-2 KASH, along with GAPDH control in 5 cDNA samples.