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Tissue-dependent alternative splicing of the highly conserved DV23 exon of nesprin-1 and nesprin-2 and the KASH domain of nesprin-2.

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posted on 09.04.2014, 03:41 authored by Nguyen Thuy Duong, Glenn E. Morris, Le Thanh Lam, Qiuping Zhang, Caroline A. Sewry, Catherine M. Shanahan, Ian Holt

Products of conventional PCR were separated on agarose gels. The 27 human cDNA samples, as shown in Table 1, were used in A and B. For DV23, the upper band contained the DV23 region and the lower band lacked the DV23 region. Specific primer pairs spanned: (A) The nesprin-1 DV23 region of nesprin-1-giant and other nesprin-1 isoforms, (B) the nesprin-2 DV23 region of nesprin-2-giant (which included other nesprin-2 isoforms except nesprin-2-alpha-1) and (C) the nesprin-2 DV23 region of only the nesprin-2-alpha-1 isoform. Vertical black lines indicate images from different gels that have been compiled. (D) PCR was used to detect the presence of nesprin-2 KASH, along with GAPDH control in 5 cDNA samples.