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Time series of model (2) showing the impact of a slow change on parameter valuesθ, δ, p1 and p2 with respect to time in order to reduce the TB burden by 20% within 15 years.

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posted on 13.04.2015, 06:06 by Dany Pascal Moualeu-Ngangue, Susanna Röblitz, Rainald Ehrig, Peter Deuflhard

Solid lines present the model predictions for TB dynamics using parameter values of Table 2 and the dashed lines present the trajectories for parameters θ, δ, p1 andp2 set as in Equation (18). Parameter identification with artificial data gavepδ = 8.56043⋅107, θδ = 81.2807, δδ = 37.2240. All other parameters are defined as in Table 2.