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Time courses of and correlations between HIV-DNA and HIV-RNA measurements.

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posted on 15.11.2011, 00:44 by Viktor von Wyl, Sara Gianella, Marek Fischer, Barbara Niederoest, Herbert Kuster, Manuel Battegay, Enos Bernasconi, Matthias Cavassini, Andri Rauch, Bernard Hirschel, Pietro Vernazza, Rainer Weber, Beda Joos, Huldrych F. Günthard

Figure 2 depicts time courses of and correlations between HIV-DNA and HIV-RNA measurements obtained before (panels A, B, C), during (panels D, E) and after early antiretroviral therapy initiation (panels F, G, H) in primary HIV-infected individuals. Panels A, B and C show the time dependency of pre-treatment HIV-DNA and -RNA measurements (n = 67 patients). The curves show fits from linear regression including linear and quadratic terms. Final model selection was based on adjusted R2 values. Panel A plots plasma HIV-RNA (log10 copies/mL) against time since infection, panel B shows Cell associated HIV-DNA (log10 copies/million cells), and panel C displays the correlation analysis of pre-treatment HIV-RNA and HIV-DNA. Panels D and E depict the dynamics of HIV-RNA (n =  700 measurements) and HIV-DNA (n = 737 measurements) during treatment with combination antiretroviral therapy in 59 patients. Panel D shows longitudinal HIV-RNA measurements during treatment. Note that undetectable HIV-RNA measurements were artificially set to 0. Panel E shows results from non-linear modeling analyses of the longitudinal course of HIV-DNA under antiretroviral therapy. Panels F and G show the evolution of viral marker pairs (HIV-RNA and HIV-DNA; n = 203 measurements) up to 18 months after therapy cessation (n = 33 patients). Curves were fitted with linear mixed models with random intercepts and random slopes. Panel H displays the correlation between post-therapy HIV-RNA and HIV-DNA measurements. The correlation coefficient shown is the median of 33 individual Spearman correlation analyses for each patient.