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Time course of stage-specific marker expression during neural differentiation of HM1 embryonic stem (ES) cells.

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posted on 06.11.2008, 01:56 authored by Yuh-Man Sun, Megan Cooper, Sophie Finch, Hsuan-Hwai Lin, Zhou-Feng Chen, Brenda P. Williams, Noel J. Buckley

(A) Summary of neural stage-specific markers used in this study. NSC: neural stem cells; NPC: neural progenitor cells. (B) Down-regulation of Oct4 and Rest was observed as neural differentiation proceeded. (C) From day 2–8, the expression of NSC markers, Nestin and Pax6 is observed. (D) NPC markers, Mash1 and Ngn1, appeared in an overlapping but slightly later wave than NSC markers. (E) After 10 days of differentiation, markers of early (Tubb3) and mature neurons (Syn1 and L1cam) appeared.