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Time course for the cell-free expression of eYFP.

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posted on 07.05.2014, 03:43 by Marlitt Stech, Robert B. Quast, Rita Sachse, Corina Schulze, Doreen A. Wüstenhagen, Stefan Kubick

Reactions were carried out using an in vitro translation system based on insect lysates in batch and CECF mode in the presence (+) and absence (−) of insect vesicles (V) and caspase inhibitor (CI). A) Fluorescence imaging of eYFP using a phosphorimager system. B) Relative fluorescence intensity of eYFP in batch reactions. C) Relative fluorescence intensity of eYFP in CECF reactions. The percentage calculation of the fluorescence intensity is depicted by the fluorescence intensity of eYFP measured after 2 h of incubation set as 100% (batch, + V, - CI). For each data point fluorescence intensity of eYFP is presented as mean value of duplicate analysis, with the error bar indicating value 1 and value 2 of the duplicate. NTC  =  No template control; translation reaction without addition of a DNA template.