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Thrombosis in vascular after reperfusion detected by HE-staining.

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posted on 24.09.2013, 02:25 by Xiaojie Lin, Peng Miao, Jixian Wang, Falei Yuan, Yongjing Guan, Yaohui Tang, Xiaosong He, Yongting Wang, Guo-Yuan Yang

(A) Stereomicroscopic imaging of brain was performed after 1 to 3 hours after reperfusion. No blood clotting was detected in the Circus Willis in successfully reperfused mice (a, c) while blood clotting was clearly detected in MCA, ACA and ICA territory in heparin-free mice with failed reperfusion (b, d). Arrowheads indicate thrombus in the MCA, ACA and ICA. (B) Schematic diagram of paraffin section indicating the location of ACA, MCA and ICA. (C) HE-staining shows the cross-sections of ICA (a), MCA (b) and ACA (c) in successfully reperfused mice with no thrombus in the lumen after reperfusion. In contrast, the cross-sections of ICA (d), MCA (e) and ACA (f) in mice with failed reperfusion have mixed thrombus in the lumen after suture withdrawal. Bar= 100 µm. ACA: anterior cerebral artery, ICA: internal carotid artery, MCA: middle cerebral artery.