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Thrombi formed under flow on collagen-TF surfaces from individuals with FVIII deficiencies.

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posted on 13.11.2013, 02:57 by Abimbola A. Onasoga-Jarvis, Karin Leiderman, Aaron L. Fogelson, Michael Wang, Marilyn J. Manco-Johnson, Jorge A. Di Paola, Keith B. Neeves

Recalcified whole blood was perfused over glass slides coated with 2.3/cm2 and type 1 fibrillar collagen at 100 s−1 for 5 min. Representative images of platelets (blue, anti-CD41) and fibrin(ogen) (green, Alexa488-fibrinogen) accumulation for a normal control (A) and hemophilia samples with plasma FVIII levels of 11.1% (B), 3.1% (C), and 0.4% (D) at 5 min. Scale bar = 25 µm. Scanning electron micrographs of thrombi from the same individuals; (E) 100% 11.1% (F), 3.1% (G), and 0.4% (H). Platelet aggregates are immersed in a fibrin mesh for the control (E) and form a starburst like pattern for mild hemophilia samples (F). The fibers on the surface in (G) and (H) are collagen fibers. Scale bar = 25 µm.