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The xylose reductase and xylitol dehydrogenase genes from S. stipitis complement C. albicans deletion mutants of the equivalent genes.

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posted on 13.11.2013, 02:55 by Doreen Harcus, Daniel Dignard, Guylaine Lépine, Chris Askew, Martine Raymond, Malcolm Whiteway, Cunle Wu

(A) S. stipitis XYL1 (CDH120), and (B) S. stipitis XYL2 (CDH116) complement the C. albicans gre3 and xyl2 deletion mutants respectively. (C) The S. stipitis XYL1-XYL2 module (CA242) complements the C. albicans gre3 xyl2 double deletion mutant. Strains were grown aerobically at 30°C in SC with 2% xylose (SX) or 2% xylitol (ST). The optical density was measured over a period of up to 14 days, n=3.