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The structure superposition of ScRIB7-NADPH binary complex with homolog structures.

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posted on 19.04.2013 by Zongyang Lv, Jian Sun, Yingfang Liu

ScRIB7-NADPH chain A is superposed with the cofactor binding structures of MjRIB7 (2AZN, chain A), EcRibD reductase domain (2O7P, chain A) and BsRibG reductase domain (2D5N, chain B). ScRIB7 is shown in green, NADPH bound to ScRIB7 is shown as yellow sticks, MjRIB7 is shown in limon, EcRibD is shown in blue, BsRibG is shown in cyan. The overall structure of ScRIB7 and available homolog structures are very similar, still some significant differences are present. ScRIB7 has a unique α1 compared to MjRIB7, while EcRibD and BsRibG have N-terminal deaminase domains (not shown). Lβ4–β5 is similar to the loop in EcRibD; while the corresponding residues formed α-helices in MjRIB7 and BsRibG (Lβ4–β5 is invisible for it locates inside the helices of MjRIB7 and BsRibG). Lβ5-α4 is longer than those in available homolog structures while Lβ7–β8 is shorter. The substrate binding site between α2 and α2′ is schematically shown as a red dotted circle.