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The space-time behavior of propagating, coherent activity patterns and corresponding parallel computations.

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posted on 18.12.2009, 00:35 by Pulin Gong, Cees van Leeuwen

(A) At time moment t = 862039 ms, two collisions happen simultaneously. Pattern g collides with Pattern h, and Pattern k collides with Pattern l. The dashed lines are the trajectories of the five moving coherent patterns. (B) Illustration of interaction-based parallel logical operations. A, B, C and D are input signals. The vertical green dashed line indicates where two computations happen at the same time moment , ms. The two black filled circles represent a pair of signals involved in one logical operation, and the two red filled circles represent the signals in another one. Each of these operations can produce ‘AND’, ‘AND NOT’ functions. The dashed arrows correspond to the situation that one of these signals is absent.