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The relative performance of Recent and Weight over the SIS model's parameter values.

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posted on 2012-05-07, 00:47 authored by Sungmin Lee, Luis E. C. Rocha, Fredrik Liljeros, Petter Holme

We measure a quantity FWeight–Recent that is large if an SIS outbreak, on average, is better stopped by Weight than Recent. More specifically, we calculate which immunization protocol that would most efficiently (in terms of the lowering the number of infection events during the simulation) stop an infection starting at vertex i, and average it over all i. FWeight–Recent is the deviation from a neutral situation of Weight and Recent being most effective for an equal fraction of vertices. For every parameter value, we use all unvaccinated vertices as infection sources and 100 runs of the immunization protocol and disease simulations. In this plot, we use f = 20%. The dating-community data (A) behave qualitatively like the prostitution and hospital contact data.


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