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The pathogen-induced inflammatory milieu determines signal 3 dependence of CD8 T cells.

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posted on 17.07.2012, 02:33 by Selina Jessica Keppler, Kerstin Rosenits, Tamara Koegl, Smiljka Vucikuja, Peter Aichele

P14.WT or P14.IFNARKO T cells were transferred into B6 mice followed by infection with A, rVVGP, rVVGP and LCMV8.7 or LCMV8.7 alone or, B, rVSVGP, rVSVGP and LCMV8.7 or LCMV8.7 alone. Analysis of peripheral blood lymphocytes at day 5 after infection is shown. Numbers in brackets indicate percentages of Thy1.1 positive of total CD8 T cells. Results are representative of two independent experiments.